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The Art of Dance

Unprecedented, this premium, multi-tiered documentary event traces the evolutionary story of dance as a dynamic metaphysical and socio-spiritual movement from traditional African, and Indigenous cultures to the present-day street and popular forms. 

Each chapter immerses us into the intimate life of a different lead character, who then becomes our first-person guide within their specific tradition. These artisans are masters of their form, each taking us into their own world, showing us the passion, devotion, and practice of their discipline. They reveal their particular challenges while peeling back the social and herstorical knowledge of their art form as only an insider can. With inspired and innovative movement, curated music, rare archival footage, intimate cinéma vérité, and lush cinematography, visually bold and compelling stories are created that are both personal and epic in scale. As local Canadian, POC, Fancanphone, senior, deaf, disabled, as well as international characters with worldwide appeal, are revealed. 

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