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The Art of Dance

Cinematic Documentary Experience 

The Art of Dance: a Journey Into the Power of Movement ignites inspiration by daring us to come alive, tracing the evolutionary and healing power of Indigenous and African, movement, music, culture, and community and its development around the world. Innovative and immersive, this living work-in-progress widescreen cinematic documentary experience awakens our souls, through the beauty and courage of some of the world's most celebrated artists on a path of connection. Who use dance as a remedy for social isolation, building bridges, creating change and empowering lives around them in the process.

This is a community-crafted hybrid portmanteau experience that is a cultural platform movement - produced in partnership with a worldwide collective of talented multicultural contributors and collaborators.

In this feature + series The Spirit of Dance features UNESCO Intangible Cultural Dances in need of urgent safeguarding and protection are performed at World Heritage sites.

In partnership with Turtle Island Movement Collective and Realness Institute, our crew is made up of

up-and-coming Black, African, Indigenous, POC, LATINX, LGBTQ2S+, female, and diversely abled filmmakers from underrepresented equity-seeking communities in BC Canada, and around the world. 

Produced by our Academy®, Emmy®, Grammy®, and Tony® Award-Winning team!

a Work In Progress | Cinematic Documentary I Experience | In Production

a Journey Into Movement

Our story of dance is not just about entertainment, but an intimate look into movement as a way of life. 

Coming Soon
Art of Dance - Teaser
Art of Dance Community

Art of Dance - Teaser

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